About Jauntique and Beth



Hi!  I’m Beth and Jauntique is my travel blog.  I love to travel first class, stay in luxury hotels, and drink wine at cool restaurants.  I’m obsessed with champagne, amazing shoes, finding ways to make travel easier, and discovering awesome travel outfits.

My husband, Mr. Good Sport, and I lived almost our entire life in the Midwest.  Now we make our home in beautiful Southwest Florida.  I hope I inspire you to take more short trips for your well being, to enjoy luxury hotels, and to experiment with fresh ideas for travel fashion and accessories.

My Mission

To find luxury experiences, explore endless ways to make traveling seamless, discover on trend travel apparel/shoes/accessories, and share these joys with those who want to getaway from it all for a few days.

Story Behind the Blog

I learned to travel at a young age.  When I was in 6th grade my parents asked me for the first time where I would like to go on a vacation.  I immediately said “Jamaica”.  My father told me to go to the local travel agent across the street from his business and plan it—which I did immediately before he changed his mind.  From then on it was my trip.  My parents did nothing except get us to O’Hare Airport.  We arrived at the terminal and my dad informed me he and mom were my guests from here on out and I was to figure out where to go and what to do for the next seven days.  I will be forever grateful for how I was taught to travel!  Our little family of three took many jaunts together…all planned by yours truly.

I’m a real job jumper as you will see.  I’ve had two careers so far.  The first, I did for my family.  For 14 years I worked and then owned/managed our family’s department store.  Fashion was always a passion for me, as I grew up surrounded by clothing and that great new clothing smell.  I truly loved the job!  We traveled all over the United States buying for the store so my love for packing a suitcase continued to grow.

My second career was for my husband, who held the title of CEO/President of a Community Bank.   From fashion to finance, I actually became a banker, and even worked my way up to Executive Vice President of the Bank.  Overseeing all the strategic planning, marketing, and human resources/employee relations was a true education.  I loved every minute of it.

My husband and I have been married 23 years and worked together 14.  Like everyone else in the business world, we worked tons of hours, worried about our customers and employees, and poured our hearts and energy into the business.  We felt guilty about taking a vacation and always thought it was a lot of work to get ready to leave, yet we also knew the best thing for a business person is to get away for a few days and regroup.

During our working years I always thought it would be nice to have someone tell us exactly where to go and what to do…and get us ready to go.  Since that person was ultimately me, I worked diligently over the years to make the entire process seamless by creating checklists that took all the thinking out of taking our vacations.

Traveling to new places, researching, planning, deciding on what to take/wear, and packing are true obsessions for me.  The entire process delights me and I enjoy spending hours on making lists of what to do and how to do it.  Being retired I have even more time to help others.  I’ve been doing it for years for myself, friends, and relatives.

One of my biggest joys is when someone calls me and asks, “Where should I go, what should I do there, and what should I take?”  I LOVE TO TRAVEL!  My husband likes to travel as long as he doesn’t have to do anything and the entire trip is planned for him.  We are both very particular and enjoy luxury travel jaunts that are 2 to 5 days in duration.

Thus, Jauntique was born…and now my third career is for me!

14 Fun Facts about Jauntique

  1. American Airlines First Class—the only way I fly.
  2. For me a hotel better be elegant, provide grand amenities, and be impeccably clean (not one hair in the bathroom please!)
  3. Champagne is my drink of choice.  Life should be celebrated everyday.
  4. Red wine–yes please!
  5. Facials yes, massages no.
  6. Silence and sleeping are boring to me.
  7. Favorite food=Popcorn
  8. Leopard print is an absolute must in life!
  9. Not a chocolate lover—please don’t hate me.
  10. Definitely a shoe addict.  My favorite thing to shop for on a trip is a pair of shoes.
  11. A relaxing day for me is re-decorating a room.
  12. Attracted to people who make me laugh.  I feel the best when I am laughing.  My husband makes me laugh everyday.  He is my bestie.
  13. Obsessed with any type of dance workout class.  I want to try them all before I die.
  14. I LOVE FOOTBALL!  I cheer for The Wisconsin Badgers, The Chicago Bears, and The Dallas Cowboys.

I hope you find some new travel discoveries for yourself through my blog, soon or someday!

XO, Jauntique