Should I use Checklists?

At Jauntique, we are firm believers of the almighty checklist.  Let’s face it, traveling, even just overnight, takes a lot of detailed organization.  The more you write down and check off, the less likely you are to spend a vacation worrying about something undone at home, or running around a new city trying to locate items you forgot to bring along.  As a CEO in the fashion world and as Executive Vice President in the banking arena, I shudder to think about the chaos that would ensue had I not kept checklists on procedures, processes, staff needs, and above all, client requests.

Over the years with my crazy work life, I also had to be organized when I went on buying trips, business trips, and personal getaways.  I have spent time over the years creating checklists that have allowed me to travel seamlessly and calmly.  Plus, I have annoyed my friends by making them test these lists and help me tweak them.  Should you decide to try any of my lists, I welcome your feedback and additions too.  Traveling harmoniously is always a work in progress!

Below is a list of current available lists.  If you would like a PDF of any of my lists, please go to the contact page and in the comments box tell me which you would like.

The Jauntique Travel Checklist

This list is a timeline checklist starting with First Steps to Booking a Jaunt, and flowing through what to do at 2 weeks prior, 1 week prior, 3 days prior, 2 days prior, 1 day prior, and The Day you are ready to walk out the door!  This one has been years in the making!

What’s in My Toiletry Case Checklist

Created with one goal in mind……to purchase duplicates of everything you use and to pack the toiletry case once and for all so it is ever ready to go on a jaunt and everything is in it at all times.  Let me tell you—if you have ever have to fly away on an emergency trip for a loved one, you will thank me for this one.

Healthy Travel Snacks

Let’s face it—-eating on travel days can be junk filled and if you are used to eating fairly healthy it can upset your system.  AND it’s expensive purchasing eats in the airport or at highway exit points.  This is my list of goodies—-and it changes constantly as I receive new ideas from friends and readers of this blog—that I take along.


Sometimes Jauntique prefers to drive rather than fly.  Now this is kind of new to hubster and I in our retirement because when we were working we always had to fly and get there fast.  So I will disclaimer we are still working through a perfect roadtrip checklist.  But take a look and see if you like!  Input always welcomed.

I hope you will find one or more of these checklists beneficial to your travels— soon or someday!

XO, Jauntique