Meet New People While You Dine at BLANC in Fort Myers


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Intimate, loud, and oh so fun…that’s what I call an evening at BLANC.  This new contemporary place, located in Cypress Square on McGregor keeps providing surprise after surprise all evening.  When we first walked in it was a little shocking…it’s very small (only seats 34), very stark white and shiny, and at first could be a little intimidating.  But, give it five minutes, and you will feel like a part of the family.

We had three fun and different conversations with the tables around us.  Yes, it is tight quarters, but once you get in the swing, you can’t help but have a great time.  The next surprise came in the form of a split of bubbly in the color blue.  Our server offered this beautiful drink which was on special and I was immediately drawn to its topaz color.  Blanc de Bleu was a delightful start with just a hint of blueberry.

My hubby loves French wines and there were plenty to choose from on the wine list.  Appetizers, Salads, Almost Entrees, Soups, and Sides adorn this creative menu.  We had Bread Jenga, Artichoke Fritters, Prawn Skewers, Cod Blanc, and Lamb Lollypops.  We passed on dessert, but the fun people to the left of us had a yummy looking cheesecake served with the chicest presentation of espresso I have ever seen.

Do try this new place in town if you are searching for a unique dining experience.  We were met at the door by one of the owners, Jean Claude Roge.  In a word, he is “cool” and so is BLANC.

Hope you get to taste Blanc, soon or someday!

XO, Jauntique

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