Dance the Night Away in these Studded Beauties

IMG_1299When I found these beauties in the shoe department I let out a whimper of joy!

Black patent leather is my absolute favorite, but add studs to them and I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  Then I put them on and the love affair truly began.  BCBGeneration I thank you.  Amazing price tag too.

I took them on a recent trip and wore them through the airport.  No problem.  I wore them out to dinner, which in this case meant, I had a large hotel to traipse through and several blocks to walk.  Still no problem.  Then I had to go dancing.  Three hours of shaking our groove thing, another walk back to the hotel, and back to the room…was it possible I had no pain?  It was possible!  Find these and buy these!

Hope you get to wear these, soon or someday!

XO, Jauntique

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